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Leak Detection

Do you have water loss in your pool or spa that you suspect is a leak?  Many pools and spas, no matter how well they are made or when they were built, can develop a leak.  We perform many leak detection techniques just short of pressure testing lines and scuba diving pools. But before investing time and money in extensive testing procedures done by a leak detection company, it is important to gather as much info about the pool or spas actual water loss due to evaporation.  Check out the highly recommended Aaron’s Leak Detection, “Is It Leaking” water loss test, described in clear detail at their website, www.aaronsleakdetection.com. Another leak detection company that we have gotten good referral feedback from is Red Rhino/The Pool Leak Experts. Also, ask us about simple dye test tools and guidance to help you with your own leak search, available in our retail store!