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Did you know, that not all automatic pool cleaners are ideally suited to use in all swimming pool applications?

There is a multitude of automatic pool cleaners on the market, each one claiming to be the longest lasting, most durable, easiest to repair, total pool coverage in the shortest amount of time, etc…. you get the idea. Briefly, most pool cleaners are classified as a suction-side, pressure-side, or electric/robotic cleaner. Suction-side cleaners ( ie: Hayward Navigator, Pentair Kreepy Krauley, Zodiac MX-8 ) operate using the pools suction from the skimmer or from a side wall dedicated line. Pressure-side cleaners (ie: Polaris 280) operate using a booster pump and filtered return water on a dedicated line. A small but growing segment of the market are electric/robotic cleaners, which feature 12 volt power with onboard filters, operating independently of the pools circulation system. And when not in use, they are removed from the pool and stored away.

With rebates, slick brochures, and hefty mark-down sales, the simple fact is that not all automatic pool cleaners are created equal. The pool owner needs to know that the secret to a cleaner choice is, that cleaners are pool specific. There is the right cleaner for the right pool, and even sometimes, no cleaner at all will work! To help make that choice though, the pool owner should consider many factors, including: the pools size and shape, is the pool screened in or open, the size and quantity of debris, pump basket size, pump horsepower, pipe size as it relates to hydraulics, and valve additions to control flow. Other factors to consider are the aesthetics of a cleaner always being in the pool, the location of window proximity, as pressure-side cleaners will squirt water out of the pool with a whipping tail. And as always, be mindful of entanglement issues with tubes and hoses, when children are swimming, during cleaner operation.

For all those reasons and possibly more, we at Bud Mudd’s Pool and Patio are dedicated to giving the customer the right information to make the right cleaner choice! ¬†We can schedule a pool-side courtesy call, at no-charge, to evaluate your swimming pool and lead you to the right cleaner choice selection.

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