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Why am I filling my pool so much?

This is a question we are hearing a lot lately and high on the list of possibilities is evaporation. Here in central Florida we are undergoing a weather pattern resulting in a significant springtime drought not experienced in well over 100 years! Not only do our landscape plants suffer, but the water that usually fills our pools is not happening either. Expect up to a 1/4″ per day of water loss from most pools, due to evaporation. That translates to almost 2″ of water loss per week…wow! Also, always consider other factors involved in water loss too, such as: leaks at the equipment area, swimmer splash-out, filter backwashing, water feature splash-out, and even a possible pool leak. Remember that swimming pools are closed systems and unless there is an auto-fill device installed, it is up to the pool owner to fill and make up the water loss. So now that you know the why of our extreme water loss…don’t sweat it and get in the swim!