Orlando Pool Services by Bud Mudd’s Pool & Patio

Weekly Pool Maintenance

Our weekly pool maintenance includes:

  • Check water chemistry and determine proper chemical additions
  • Check controls and timers, and if needed, turn on pump/s and observe correct equipment operation
  • Clean Chlorine Generator cell, if applicable and on an as needed basis
  • Clean filter on a regular basis and as needed
  • Skim pool surface and vacuum when necessary
  • Brush pool walls and clean tile line scum and scale build-up
  • Observe and adjust proper automatic pool cleaner operation, emptying bags and/or debris cannisters
  • Empty skimmer basket/s
  • Empty pump basket
  • Lubricate O-rings

Pool service is billed monthly with a convenient return envelope included with our mailed out billing. Payment is accepted with cash, check or credit card.  Pay for 1 year of service in advance and receive a discount, contact Geeya at the shop for more details!

Equipment Repair or Replacement

We sell and install multiple brands and types of equipment, such as: single speed and variable speed pumps, filters, chlorinators and chlorine generators, timer systems, automatic pool cleaners, booster pumps, valves, pool lights, etc.  We are familiar with some of the biggest brands in the industry ie.: Hayward, Pentair, Jandy and more.

Our pool service technicians are able to check, advise, and fix most problems. For a free equipment estimate, give us a call at our retail store or simply click to the right!

Leak Detection

Do you have water loss in your pool or spa that you suspect is a leak?  Many pools and spas, no matter how well they are made or when they were built, can develop a leak.  We perform many leak detection techniques just short of pressure testing lines and scuba diving pools. But before investing time and money in extensive testing procedures done by a leak detection company, it is important to gather as much info about the pool or spas actual water loss due to evaporation.  Check out the highly recommended Aaron’s Leak Detection, “Is It Leaking” water loss test, described in clear detail at their website, www.aaronsleakdetection.com. Another leak detection company that we have gotten good referral feedback from is Red Rhino/The Pool Leak Experts. Also, ask us about simple dye test tools and guidance to help you with your own leak search, available in our retail store!

"1-Time Clean", "Clean Ups", & "Drain & Cleans"

We offer a free “check and advise” service, ask us about it!  Without any obligation or cost, allow us to meet you and visit your property to determine which service is right for you.  A “1-time clean” is basically just that, we provide a service call to service your pool one time for a special occasion or pool party.  A “clean up” is when we are able to utilize your pool equipment to accomplish a clean up.  All clean ups are different in scope, and include all the trips needed to achieve a green to clean job, without having to drain your pool!  And then there may be a time when your pool becomes a swamp…Yuck!  That is the “drain & clean” condition that deems it is necessary to completely drain, chlorine or acid wash the surface, refill, and balance  your pool. Our technicians can accomplish any of these quickly and efficiently so you can be back in the swim, ASAP!

Water Testing

A minimum weekly test of swimming pool water is important for a number of reasons. Balancing your pool water chemistry is crucial for keeping your water safe, clear and inviting. When pool water is “balanced”, it means that the total water chemistry is right where it should be…balanced.  Balanced pool water makes swimming more comfortable by preventing eye and skin irritation, as well as, all the chemicals work better together. Also, balanced pool water prevents excessive corrosion to metal parts and helps control scaling on pool tile and surfaces.

Free water testing is available in our retail location.