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Weekly Pool Maintenance

Our weekly pool maintenance includes:

  • Check water chemistry and determine proper chemical additions
  • Check controls and timers, and if needed, turn on pump/s and observe correct equipment operation
  • Clean Chlorine Generator cell, if applicable and on an as needed basis
  • Clean filter on a regular basis and as needed
  • Skim pool surface and vacuum when necessary
  • Brush pool walls and clean tile line scum and scale build-up
  • Observe and adjust proper automatic pool cleaner operation, emptying bags and/or debris cannisters
  • Empty skimmer basket/s
  • Empty pump basket
  • Lubricate O-rings

Pool service is billed monthly with a convenient return envelope included with our mailed out billing. Payment is accepted with cash, check or credit card.  Pay for 1 year of service in advance and receive a discount, contact Geeya at the shop for more details!