Swimming Pool News, Hints & Tips


Central Florida’s Winter Pool Care Checklist

1. Turn back circulation pump running time to 4-6 hrs. per day.
2. Keep up testing water chemistry and then balance. But remember, with the water temperature dropping into the 60 degree range and bather load down, cut back on chlorine use. Also, for those pools equipped with chlorine/salt generators, turn down the production percentage.
3. Check all the debris traps on your pool, which include, pump basket, skimmer basket, suction cleaner canister, Polaris bag, etc.
4. Monitor the water level in your pool and add when needed. With the lack of rain, lower humidity, and breezy days, the water level in your pool will evaporate and drop an average of an inch to two a week!
5. If a freeze warning is in effect for Central Florida, run your pool overnight. Generally not a problem, but your pool would benefit with the extra circulation anyhow.
6. Continue brushing, dipping heavy debris, and vaccuming the bottom of your pool.

Make sure all your hard work leaves you with a pool that sparkles during this holiday season!